Industrial Registration systems

A product's price is mainly determined by the total time worked on it. On the other hand, the parts and or ingredients are of lesser influence. An easy calculation will tell you that every minute worked more on a product will put more pressure on the margin. Calculations have shown that starting a bit later, taking slightly longer breaks by employees can cost the employer a few thousand to a few ten thousand euros per year. By implementing an objective registration system inside the company, these additional costs can be reduced dramatically. Discussions with employees are no longer needed. The registration system does not lie! 

Real Time CZ developed a network for the registration of time, jobs, breaks, weighings, temperatures etc. The network consists of small movable entry units, on which data can be sent to and from a central computer to and from the work floor at every desirable spot. Every registration is provided with a date and time bock. This means that you can get the actual status of your company at every single moment of the day by simply pressing a button without any additional work. Furthermore the system can transfer hours worked on one day to the next or previous day. This is particularly  needed in bakeries and shift work.
By registering you can get, for example, the following overviews:
  • Working hours and breaks
  • Hour registration according to union rules
  • Hours worked that cross a day limit, split into different groups
  • Special hours, like leave, doctor's visit etc.
  • Hours per action, order etc.
  • .....

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