Order Registration systems

The goal of an order registration system is to make clear where all costs are made in an order. These can be split into two main categories:
  • Parts used
  • Labour

Often the parts used are already well registered. Labour more often is an estimated quantity. When a good insight in this last item is not available, an order can be processed with less profit or even a (substantial) loss.

Real Time CZ has developed a registration system for registering time, labour, jobs, breaks, parts etc. within orders. The network / system consists of small movable registration units, on which any kind of data at any spot on the work floor can be entered and sent to a PC. This registration can be manual entries, but can also be done through barcode scans, transponders etc. Through such a complete registration of an order, a detailed overview of any order within a company can be generated of the actual status of that particular order. This is achievable because the registration network is Real-Time.

By registering the following overviews can be generated, for example:

  • Working hours and breakes
  • Hour registration according to union rules
  • Hours per order
  • Who has done what on which order and when was it done
  • Parts per order
  • Costs of orders
  • Special hours, like leave, doctor's visit etc.
  • Hours per action, job, order etc.Uren per handeling
  • .....


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